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What is up Everyone? Tonight on the podcast, Evan, Bryan, Ron, and Chandler all come together to talk about Dark Eldar.  The boys are back and run down through the Codex talking about the hard hitters, units and strats they like, and then about building a list of just pure Dark Eldar.  Bryan talks about his list he is toying around with to possible play with and his thoughts on the power of the book.  Evan gives his thoughts about list building, some units he has been thinking about trying in a list, as well as his thoughts on how to tactically play with some of the models.  It is good to be back and the guys are ready.



Get your Eyeliner ready!  No, we aren't going to a Green Day concert, it is Dark Eldar Time!

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Intro and Exit Provided by Donnie Drost, Angry Ophelia's Song featuring Musetta, edited from original version, 2009 Licensed under Creative Commons

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