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What is up Everyone? This week on the Podcast, Ron, Bryan, and Chandler are joined by Julio as they run down his recent success (aka 1st Place) at the Butchers of Bakersfield ITC Tournament.  Julio comes in with a very stout ITC list and we talk about the list, the opponents, and some of the crazy things that happen during the tournament.  Julio also describes how the ITC tournament scoring works, how the missions were setup, and what he is planning for the greatness of the LVO.



Julio represents the NWO and gives us a little help when facing the ITC.


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The House of Khaine - Julio's Group


Butchers of Bakersfield ITC Tournament

Intro and Exit Provided by Donnie Drost, Angry Ophelia's Song featuring Musetta, edited from original version, 2009 Licensed under Creative Commons

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