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What is up Everyone? May the Fourth be with you, and this week Evan and Bryan get together to talk about a little thing that dropped:  THE FAQ!  IT IS FINALLY HERE and after some shock, awe, and getting into the nitty gritty of the FAQ and what it means for our lists.  The guys talk about some of the big changes to how the lists are built.  The guys talk about the debates on what Nid lists have the punch to do the work to win.  The guys break down the big changes that the bugs have faced, how their lists are changing, and how what was old, just might be new and refreshed.  The guys talk also talk about some changes that may come out of the FAQ that may be an unintended consequence.  Back and better than ever, and with a FAQ to help us get in the flow.



Remember, Hit like a truck; Die like a Mazda.

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